Feb 11, 2012

1st Donation

I am excited to say that we made our first donation of clothes!  A mother of five and one on the way received a generous basket of adorable clothes thanks to your donations.  Thank you for thinking of In His Sight when going through your children's clothes!

Tag Reads:
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Black and yellow - red and white
They're all precious in His sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world.


Nov 26, 2011

Calling On You...

If you received an email from me skip down to the next post titled "In the Beginning".  If not, start here to find out what In His Sight is all about!

Hi Friends,
I hope that this note finds each of you well and with a few minutes to spare.  I am reaching out to you in hope that this message will touch your heart and call many of you to support my recent adventure called In His Sight.  I have found myself counting my blessings as abundant. I know that many of you would count yourself in the same situation.  In this reflection, I have felt a desire to do something to impact others, but I need your help.  I am starting an "organization" where parents can donate clothes, jackets, and shoes to those children whose parents or guardians are less fortunate than you and me.  To make us unique and overflowing in the spirit of giving, I hope to form relationships with many of those who receive our donations making In His Sight a place for much more than a place providing clothes.

My hope is that some of those we are able to help will become a community that we (meaning you and me) can choose to help over holidays, birthdays, back to school days, and much more!!  I hope you will consider being a part of making this a success.  Please consider donating your children's clothes for this great cause.

Please contact me if you have clothes you would like to donate.  I can make arrangements to pick them up from you.

Also, if you know someone in need, please have them contact me as well!

Please pass this along to your friends and family!

Nov 22, 2011

In the Beginning...

One recent evening, after crawling into bed and readying for sleep my mind started to wonder as it often does before rest.  It was such a peaceful evening.  My marriage - going great, my son - healthy and happy, myself - content... or was I?  I had recently organized my son's clothes that he had outgrown into bins and set them near our attic where they needed to be stored.  I thought about how I needed to label all the bins of clothes.  I thought about the stack that I had left in our guest room that did not fit into the containers I had, and then my mind wondered to the adorable, tiny Easter outfit that I had bought Jake his first Easter that in fact did not fit him that Easter.


I remembered trying the precious boutique outfit on him nearly a month before his first Easter and being devastated that it didn't fit.  It was, by far, the cutest on the market as far as I was concerned.  So, I hung it in his closet and started on the hunt for another outfit that would match if not exceed this one in cuteness!


Months later I organized clothes with hangers and labels for a consignment sale and in the bundle of items was the adorable, unworn Easter outfit.  I announced that I would not take a penny less than I paid for it.  After all, anyone who happend upon this was one lucky winner.


And is now hanging in Jake's closet again.

I don't know why my mind wondered to this "random" place that one evening, but I found myself sincerely disappointed with me. I will be giving this outfit away for free, much less than I paid for it, and I will gain much more than money. In God's eyes we are all precious and all deserving. He loves and blesses all of His children and so will I.

I hope you will help...

Jennifer Humphrey